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06 juin 2013 @ 18:45
And I'm just Winry now.
Feels great.
17 août 2011 @ 01:16

Your result for The Sorting Hat: A Comprehensive Harry Potter Personality Assessment [Test/Quiz]...


67% Ravenclaw, 49% Hufflepuff, 45% Slytherin and 38% Gryffindor!

Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,

if you've a ready mind,

Where those of wit and learning,

Will always find their kind;

Words and graphs under the cutRéduire )

I wonder if Pottermore will agree.
I guess I'll see that AS SOON AS I GET MY FUCKING LETTER!!!

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09 août 2011 @ 13:21
Titre : Ce n'était qu'un jeu
Auteur : winry
Pairing : Bill/Tom
Rating : NC17
Démenti : De la fiction, rien que de la fiction (dommage)
Résumé : Les jumeaux décident de faire une blague d'un genre assez douteux aux deux Gs. Attention à ne pas devenir l'arroseur arrosé...
Commentaire : Aller, le voyage se termine, voici le dernier chapitre de cette fic.
J'espère que le voyage vous a plu et n'hésitez pas à voyager de nouveau sur notre compagnie!
/hôtesse de l'air.

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Chapitre 15 + épilogueRéduire )

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02 août 2011 @ 18:20
Titre : Ce n'était qu'un jeu
Auteur : winry
Pairing : Bill/Tom
Rating : NC17
Démenti : De la fiction, rien que de la fiction (dommage)
Résumé : Les jumeaux décident de faire une blague d'un genre assez douteux aux deux Gs. Attention à ne pas devenir l'arroseur arrosé...
Commentaire : Pas d'illustration pour les deux derniers chapitres, désolée.

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Chapitre 14Réduire )
15 juillet 2011 @ 14:34
Titre : Ce n'était qu'un jeu
Auteur : winry
Pairing : Bill/Tom
Rating : NC17
Démenti : De la fiction, rien que de la fiction (dommage).
Résumé : Les jumeaux décident de faire une blague d'un genre assez douteux aux deux Gs. Attention à ne pas devenir l'arroseur arrosé...
Commentaire : Illustration faite par moi. Vous pouvez la retrouver sur Deviantart
Je ne peux que m'excuser platement pour le temps mis à poster ce chapitre. Pour explication, je vous mets un copié-collé du commentaire de l'illustration ci-dessus sur Deviantart :

Voilà l'illustration du chapitre 13 de "Ce n'était qu'un jeu" en l'état actuel.

Je n'avais pas l'intention de la poster comme ça au départ.
Déjà, Bill n'est pas censé être nu dans la scène illlustrée et bien sûr on est censés voir leurs visage et le lit sur lequel ils sont.

Si je poste ça quand même c'est parce que plus le temps passe et plus je pense que je ne finirai jamais cette illustration.
L'histoire est finie d'écrire et tout ce qui m'empêche de la poster, ce sont ces illustrations que je fais pour chaque chapitre.

J'ai fini d'écrire la fic en février et je pense qu'il est temps que je prenne conscience que je ne peux pas garantir que je finirai ce dessin un jour.
J'ai essayé de bosser dessus hier mais après 5 minutes j'en avais déjà marre, donc bon.
Je posterai les deux derniers chapitres de la fic sans illustration ou peut-être un montage vite fait.

Peut-être que j'aurai envir de finir ce dessin un jour et je le posterai en entier, mais n'espérez pas trop ;D

Voilà, je pense que tout est dit alors bonne lecture.

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Chapitre 13Réduire )

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19 février 2011 @ 00:08

I am so so so fucking relieved because tonight, I finished this monster of a fiction.
I think I'll still change minor things when I re-read the last chapters before posting them but fuck, it's done now. \o/
By the way, chapter 15 is 8000 words long (!!!) but I count the epilogue with it.

All that is left are the three illustrations for chapters 13, 14 and 15. I honestly don't think I'll be able to do the three of them before February ends but I'll do my best anyway. Tomorrow is already out because I'll spend the day with oo_fifi_oo and adropofred who is visiting her.

Another good news: I passed the written part of two competitive exams I took. The oral examinations will be at the end of March / beginning of April.
Since I've read some accounts of people who took these oral examinations the previous years, I'm slightly panicking and I'll have to do a lot of studying and research to be as well prepared as possible.
So I think that March's challenge wil be a bit less... challenging ;)

And oh, hey, since I'm making an entry, here's an interesting meme I've seen around:

Leave a ONE WORD comment that you think best describes me. It can only be one word. No more than one word. Then copy & paste this post to your own journal (if you want to!) so I can leave a word about you.

Okay that's all folks!

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09 février 2011 @ 21:04
All things considered, I don't want to make a huge ass chapter just because it will mean that I'll have less illustrations to do.
Chapter 13 is about 4300 words long, which is more than enough on its own.
Chapter 14 is done as well and around the same length.
Just one chapter to go I think and then, photoshop here I come :)
06 février 2011 @ 18:17
4300 words written for chapter 13 so far (10 Word pages) and I'm nowhere near finished.
At least it's fun writing smut XD

05 février 2011 @ 00:04
I'm 1800 words far into chapter 13 \o/

I think I'll write all the story and then decide if it'll be 1 or 2 chapters depending on the time left I'll have to do the illustration(s)
02 février 2011 @ 14:05
Titre : Ce n'était qu'un jeu
Auteur : winry
Pairing : Bill/Tom
Rating : PG13
Démenti : De la fiction, rien que de la fiction (dommage)
Résumé : Les jumeaux décident de faire une blague d'un genre assez douteux aux deux Gs. Attention à ne pas devenir l'arroseur arrosé...
Commentaire : Illustration faite par moi. Vous pouvez la trouver en plus grand et sans la phrase sur Deviantart

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Chapitre 12Réduire )

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02 février 2011 @ 02:39
Yes! I finished the illustration for chapter 12 finally!
You'll see it tomorrow when I post the chapter (because I can't be bothered to do it now)

29 janvier 2011 @ 16:32
So, this monthly challenge thing seems to work so far. I'm still going at a snail's pace but at least I'm getting things done.

I've worked on the illustration for chapter 12. I've detailed Tom's shirt, arm and fist and now I'm working on his face (the rest was done already). I'm doing the face on a separate psd file because I need a bigger canvas to do the details properly. I'll paste it back on the illustration afterwards. Too bad some of the details will be lost but I have to do it this way anyway.

Here's the work in progress right now (I sized the pics down and put them together.)

click to seeRéduire )

Still lot of work on this pic...

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27 janvier 2011 @ 21:31
I am a slacker. In fact, I am the queen of procrastination. I start a million projects and then I struggle to finish them, I always push it back to tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow and so on and so forth.

And since I'm stubborn, I don't want to give them up altogether either.

So I decided that I would give myself monthly challenges. A goal each month that I have to reach.
I don't know if I'll stick to that or give up in a few days but at least, right now, I have the motivation to engage in this process. I'll make regular posts to monitor my progress and to keep me motivated :)

Let's see!

CHALLENGE #1 : By the end of February, I'll have completed Ce n'était qu'un jeu, story and illustrations.

Feel free to encourage me with cookies! :D

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26 janvier 2011 @ 22:26
I made the first three of them a while back and the last one tonight so enjoy! :)

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14 janvier 2011 @ 02:14
I don't know who did this macro but it's brilliant

BTW, I want Maldive pics right nooow! *rolls on floor screaming*

09 décembre 2010 @ 17:35
Voilà la video que j'ai enregistrée mardi soir :)

ou alors http://depositfiles.com/files/77v1q0b3z
05 décembre 2010 @ 00:00
Tom, darling, what happenend to your pants?
They kind of fit! O_o

On another note, the latin fans are never afraid to show the extent of their affection.

imagebam.com imagebam.com

It reminds me of the italian M&G ^_^

Oh and I should mention that I like the Mädchen aus dem All video, which is stupid really since it's basically the same thing as the Hurricanes and Suns video, but in chronological order. It seems it only takes a bit of tiny tokios to melt my heart (wouldn't have minded a whole video of just that). And I liked the chronoligical evolution better than the reverse order thing. And it could not be anything other than an excerpts compilation video since a 21 years-old Bill lip synching this song would have been really really retarted.

02 décembre 2010 @ 20:29
Here it is, if you've not seen it by now.

Most of the reactions I've seen are quite positive: "They were kind of lazy but I like it, it reflects the spirit of a Best Of album."

Sorry if my reaction is bitchy or childish or whatever but I'm disappointed, to the point that I'd rather they don't release anything than put something like this out there. I think I could have liked it, maybe, if the last two videos had not been quite similar.

Lass Uns Laufen / World Behind My Wall was half backstage footage, which was not bad, since there was a link with the subject of the song.
Darkside Of The Sun was only concert footage. But oh, that's okay, its purpose is to promote the live album! Ah? Okay then. So that's why they didn't even bother to make a video for Sonnensystem, since the live album was English only.
And now, third video in a row made out of content everybody knows and has seen before. It's not even very well made. It looks like Bill just discovered the joy of "Movie Maker" and decided to do the video by himself...
But it's in the spirit of the Best Of!!!
Sorry, if I wanted a stroll down Memory Lane, I would just watch the old video clips and squee over the good old times.

The last real videoclip they shooted was Automatisch, in 2009. It cost them an arm and was not as successful as they hoped. Well it was just a bad choice of song. Darkside would have been a far better single, Lass Uns Laufen as well. Even Hurricanes and Suns is better and yet all three were cheapened out. I know this last video is to be considered more as a bonus than anything else but it just reminds me of what could have been.

Schrei album: 4 video clips
Schrei, DDM, Rette Mich, Der Letzte Tag

Zimmer 483 / Scream: 4 video clips
Monsoon, Übers Ende der Welt, Spring Nicht, An Deiner Seite

Each time, only one video was made out of live footage. And I'm not even counting Wir Schliessen Uns Ein and 1000 Meere that they did in between.

Now people got used to not getting their hopes up when new things are announced, so that they're not disappointed. It's sad, we should expect the best of them, and not the crap that we're often dished out.

I can only hope that tomorrow's video will make up for the disappointment of this one.
And sorry for being such a negative Nancy, it's just how I feel about all this.

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20 novembre 2010 @ 23:41
I tried to upload a pic with tinypic this afternoon. It used to be good : fast and easy for when you don't feel like going on photobucket/imageshack etc...
But now you have to prove that you're human (oh the joy of the 21 millenium) by writing what's shown on a capture.

Here's what I got today :

Only comment seeing this : What the fuck?
Maybe that's some foreign alphabet that I don't know of or maybe that's a captcha from the future where you have to prove you're a robot and not a human...
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13 novembre 2010 @ 04:03
I love how on my flist I have this :

And then two posts above, this :

Yeah, Ville is not really impressed by Bill's dancing skills XD